Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I pay for my order?

    The following methods are now available for you to pay for your order:

    • cash payment;
    • non-cash payment;
    • payment by Visa and MasterCard cards at our office at: 17-I Kurenivskyi Lane;
    • or when making order on our website:

    You can also pay in instalments for a term of 6 months – without %

  2. 2
    Where are goods delivered to and on what conditions?

    • We deliver goods throughout the whole territory of Ukraine.
    • Delivery within the city of Kyiv is free of charge when ordering goods for an amount of UAH 1000 and above.
    • Delivery to Kyiv’s suburbs: UAH 10/km from the city boundary.
    • Deliveries to other regions of Ukraine are made through Nova Poshta, at the expense of the recipient, at the carrier’s rates. On prepayment or COD terms.
    • You can also pick up your order at our office in Kyiv, at: 17-I Kurenivskyi Lane, or at one of our representatives in your region.

  3. 3
    Who do I contact for warranty service?

    In case of a warranty event and for post-warranty service, you can contact our service centre at 17-I Kurenivskyi Lane, or by phone (044) 503-06-06, (067) 500-93-65

    Please keep the warranty card with the date of purchase throughout the entire service life.

  4. 4
    Can I exchange or return an item that did fit?

    Yes. You can return or exchange your item within 14 days from the date of purchase in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law.

    To make an exchange or return, please make sure that the integrity of the item and packaging is not breached, the marketable appearance is preserved.

  5. 5
    How and when can I return or exchange an item?

    You can return or exchange an item purchased on our website or in our office from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.00 in our office at: 17-I Kurenivskyi Lane, Kyiv
    If you purchased an item from our representatives, contact directly the seller from whom you purchased it in order to return or exchange your item.

    To make a return, you must have a passport with you. We will return you the money for the item on the day of return, or, in case of absence of money in the cash register, within two days.

    If you live not in Kyiv, you will be able to return your item in the same way as you received it. For example, through Nova Poshta.

  6. 6
    What should choose for underfloor heating: a mat, cable, or heating film?

    The choice of heater type depends, primarily, on the specific building conditions of the room, as well as adopted design solutions.

    For example:

    • the type of flooring material (heating cable is installed under ceramic tile into the screed, in the case of dry flooring (for example, laminate or linoleum), you can use a film);
    • heat loss value (rated power of mats and film is constant, and with the cable, by changing the spacing, you can change the rated power per square meter of the floor);
    • design of the floor itself (where there is the possibility of raising the floor level, you can use heating cables; where there is no such possibility and if you can raise the floor level by a few centimetres, you can use heating mats).

  7. 7
    Can I install underfloor heating system by myself? And will the warranty be in force in this case?


    Prior to installation, read the supplied instructions carefully and do everything as specified therein.

    In case of strict observance of the installation instructions, the warranty will be in force.

    You can also contact us for consultation by phone: (044) 503-06-06, (067) 445-44-42, or send your questions to our e-mail address:

  8. 8
    How thin can a screed above the cable be?

    Heating cable must be covered with a 20mm-thick screed layer if the floor will be covered with a tile or similar material.

  9. 9
    How thick can a screed be?

    The level of screed is determined by or depends on several factors:

    1. for heating systems with the used of heat-accumulating heating, the thickness of the screed over the cable can reach 7-20 cm;
    2. for direct-action comfort underfloor heating systems with the use of mats, the thickness of the layer over the cable can be equal to several centimetres; this allows you to quickly heat the floor to the desired level, and also excludes the possibility of a “temperature zebra” due to low rated power of the heater and small spacing between the cables on the mesh;
    3. for direct-action comfort underfloor heating systems with the use of cables, the thickness of the layers over the cable can reach from 4 cm to 10 cm, in which case the first warm up of the screed will take more time than when using mats. But the length of the heating cable itself will be smaller as well, due to the increase in rated power and the spacing between cables on the installation tape. The “temperature zebra” in this case is smoothed over by the thickness of the screed layer over the cable.

  10. 10
    What is the maximum allowable power of underfloor heating system per m²?

    Maximum allowable power is regulated by the current standard DBN V.2.5-24:2012 and may range from 55 W/m² to 200 W/m², and sometimes more.

    It depends, primarily, on the flooring material, heat losses downwards and the set period of floor heating.

  11. 11
    Can I install heating mats directly in the adhesive?

    Yes, but it’s still recommended to use a cement screed as the first layer, and only then lay tiles. In comparison with tile adhesive, it is easier to achieve the absence of air cavities in the cement screed. Air pockets reduce thermal conductivity of the adhesive, and ultimately, this can result in damage to the cable.

  12. 12
    What is the minimum allowable distance between cable and wall?

    The specific distance between the heating cable and the enclosing constructions, appliances and other parts of electrical grid is stipulated by the standard DBN V.2.5-24: 2012. The distance from the wall can be 3 to 10 centimetres. This is necessary to avoid damage to the heater itself when installing skirting boards, etc., and to optimize the useful area of ​​heating, as nobody, unnecessarily, goes right up to the wall.

  13. 13
    What is the minimum distance between the sewage system pipes and heating cable?

    The distance between the heating cable and sewage system pipes must be at least 5 cm. In floors less than 3 cm high, it is recommended to increase this distance to 10 cm.

  14. 14
    Is it possible to use screeds with admixtures?

    Screeds containing fiberglass, which performs reinforcing functions, are allowed, provided that the necessary heat conductivity does not change. Screeds containing polystyrene balls are not allowed, since polystyrene reduces thermal conductivity of the floor. Screeds reinforced with metal fibres are also not allowed, since metal fibres can damage the outer sheath of the cable.

  15. 15
    Does Rozumnyi Dim LLC approve the use of rapid drying mixes for the screed?

    Typically – NO. If the package itself does not have the appropriate markings, it is better not to use such a product to avoid the deterioration of underfloor heating system performance. Basic requirement for a mix laid over the heater: it should not crack in the course of drying and subsequent operation of the heater in order to avoid damage to the cable itself and prevent the formation of air pockets around it.

    But if the manufacturer of such mixes adds the necessary plasticizer to their composition and marks them as suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, then – YES, their use is allowed.

    In order to be sure of the long-term operation of underfloor heating system, Rozumnyi Dim LLC recommends using only high-quality products and not switching on the heating system within 28 days after covering the cable with the screed for the mix to dry completely.

  16. 16
    Can I switch on the heating cable to dry the screed more quickly?

    No! The screed should dry in the natural way only. The acceleration of this process will lead to deterioration of the screed quality in relation to its mechanical strength and thermal conductivity.

  17. 17
    Can I extend the wire from the temperature sensor?

    Yes, you can. However, provide the possibility for its replacement and do not exceed the maximum length of the wire specified in the user manual for the thermostat (50-100 m).

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