ProfiTherm D-1 Sensor

ProfiTherm D-1 Air Temperature Sensor is designed for use in snow melting systems and anti-icing systems; temperature recording.

It used together with ProfiTherm D-3 gutter moisture sensor, but can be used separately, for temperature measurement only. External temperature sensor can also be used together with ProfiTherm D-4 soil temperature and moisture sensor for open areas. Air temperature sensor records temperature fluctuations to prevent icing of the surface.

The sensor is mounted under the eaves on the northern side of the building.
Compatible with ProfiTherm K-1, ProfiTherm K-2, ProfiTherm K-3 controllers.
Permissible distance from the sensor to the controller – up to 50 m.

  • Sensing element: NTC12k
  • Operating temperature range: Т = (- 40..85)˚С
  • IP rating: IP54
  • Connecting cable diameter: ø (3..7) mm
  • Warranty: 2 years
Price: 537.00 UAH

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