ProfiTherm EKO Flex

ProfiTherm EKO Flex Heating Cables are designed for complete and comfortable heating of rooms of any type.

They are especially convenient for rooms of irregular shape and for repairs of already existing floors without heating or in cases where it is necessary to slightly raise the floor level.

They can be laid in a thin screed or a layer of tile adhesive under coating of any type.

Warranty: 15 years.


ProfiTherm EKO Flex Heating Cable construction

Heating cable:
– Twin-core double-insulated heating cable
– Tinned copper earth wire
– Aluminum foil
– Outer insulation

ProfiTherm EKO Flex Heating Cable features

Outer diameter of cable 4 mm
Specific power 10-12 W/m
Power supply 220 V
Resistance error -5%/+10%
Minimum bend radius 2,0 cm

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