Does Rozumnyi Dim LLC approve the use of rapid drying mixes for the screed?

Typically – NO. If the package itself does not have the appropriate markings, it is better not to use such a product to avoid the deterioration of underfloor heating system performance. Basic requirement for a mix laid over the heater: it should not crack in the course of drying and subsequent operation of the heater in order to avoid damage to the cable itself and prevent the formation of air pockets around it.

But if the manufacturer of such mixes adds the necessary plasticizer to their composition and marks them as suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, then – YES, their use is allowed.

In order to be sure of the long-term operation of underfloor heating system, Rozumnyi Dim LLC recommends using only high-quality products and not switching on the heating system within 28 days after covering the cable with the screed for the mix to dry completely.

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