Profi Therm SLL Self-Regulating Heating Cable

SLL is a self-regulating heating cable with a PTC feature (positive temperature coefficient). A semiconducting polymer is used as the base material. This cable is a heating cable of new type, whose continuous parallel circuit makes it possible to independently change resistance depending on the ambient temperature, and thus automatically adjust the specific power.

SLL is a high-quality heating cable that ensures protections against such damage as freezing and failure of gutter elements of roofs, facades of buildings, water supply, sewage and other pipes or tanks. At the same time, the cable is quite energy saving, and the presence of specific power self-regulation feature and long service life help successfully prevent freezing and icing.


Profi Therm SLL Self-Regulating Heating specifications
Rated voltage 220..240 VAC
Maximum operating temperature 65°C
Permissible temperature of constant impact on the heater 65°C (live)
Permissible temperature of short-term impact on the heater 85°C (1000 hours total, neutral)
Rated specific power 24, 30, 40 W/m
Shielding braid resistance <18.2 Om/km
Electric conductor section 18 AWG (2 x 0.82 sq. mm)
Dimensions 11.0 (mm) x 6.2 (mm)
Weight 8.9 (kg/100m)
Minimum single bend radius 35 mm, at minus 5 °C
Minimum installation temperature minus 5°C

Product range

Range of heating cable Profi Therm SLL
Self-regulating cable Profitherm Retail price for 1 m, UAH incl
VAT Self-regulating cable Profitherm SLL24-2CR 219.00
Self-regulating cable Profitherm SLL30-2CR 231,00
Self-regulating cable Profitherm SLL40-2CR 258,00
Sleeves (connecting) Retail price for set, UAH incl.
VAT Sleeves set for self-regulating cable (including work) 312,00

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