Profitherm Touch Programmable Touch Thermostat

Profitherm Touch Programmable Thermostat is designed for use in floor electric heating systems.

Profitherm Touch can be arranged in a variety of ways for your convenience.

Functions that can be accessed in the settings menu include the following:

  • possibility of programming a weekly cycle with 6 periods for each day
  • manual control and time programming mode can be selected
  • floor temperature limit function
  • anti-freeze function Sensor selection
  • lock function
Price: 2196.00 UAH

  • Power supply 220V / 230V
  • Max. current 16А
  • Power 2 Watts
  • IP rating IP 20
  • Ambient temperature -5 … + 50 ° C
  • Enclosure material: non-flammable PC
  • “Vacation” function Time setting

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