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Profiterm warm floor

The best cable at an affordable price. ProfiTherm (Poland) and Profiterm Eko (Ukraine)

Profitherm Twin Cable

ProfiTherm Twin Cable (Poland)

Heating cable

from 2307 ₴

Profitherm Mat

ProfiTherm Twin Mat (Poland)

Heating mats

from 2832 ₴

Profitherm EKO Flex Cable

ProfiTherm Eko Flex (Ukraine)

Thin heating cable

from 1185 ₴

Profitherm Slims

Film Profiterm Slims (Korea)

Heating film

from 615 ₴


The Calculation

Profiterm Warm floor

Get the preliminary design of the system for free

Mechanical and programmable thermostats

Simple heat management, saving up to 50% due to programming the time of heating. Quality at an affordable price.

Thermostat ProfiTherm-MEX

Thermostat Profiterm-MEX


876 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm-EX01

Thermostat Profiterm-EX01


1512 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm-EX02

Thermostat Profiterm-EX02


1785 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm-PRO

Thermostat Profiterm EX-PRO


1932 ₴

WiFi thermostats

An ideal option for remote control of the heating system.

Thermostat Profitherm WiFi (White)

Thermostat Profitherm WiFi (white)

3927 ₴

Thermostat Profitherm WiFi Onyx(Black)

Thermostat Profiterm WiFi (Black)

3927 ₴

Remote control of the floor heating
One application - several heating zones
Statistics of floor heating usage

Other products

Heating for the bathroom. Heating for animals. Electrical accessories: touch switches and sockets with USB

Profitherm Zoo

Profitherm Zoo

Heating for animals

Useful videos

How to calculate the heating area correctly?
How to properly prepare the surface for laying underfloor heating?
How to connect the thermostat correctly?
Instructions for WIFI thermostats ТМ Profitherm

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