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Thermostat ProfiTherm-MEX


Thermostat Profiterm-MEX

Profitherm MEX Thermostat – a simple device designed to control the temperature in the “warm floor” on the basis of heating cables.

from 876 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm-EX01


Thermostat Profiterm-EX01

Profitherm EX-01 Thermostat is an easy-to-operate device designed to maintain the set temperature with a floor temperature sensor in floor heating systems.

from 1512 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm-EX02


Thermostat Profiterm-EX02

Profitherm EX-02 Thermostat is a digital thermostat with two floor temperature sensors designed to maintain the set floor temperature in two separate rooms with different heat losses.

from 1785 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm-PRO


Thermostat Profiterm EX-PRO

Programmable thermostat allows you to control the heating system, turn it on at the set time on different days of the week. Each day of the week can be divided into six periods with its set temperature. By lowering the temperature during unoccupied periods you can save on your electricity bills without compromising comfort. The thermostat offers two different modes of temperature control.

from 1932 ₴

Thermostat Profitherm WiFi Onyx(Black)


Thermostat Profiterm WiFi (Black)

Profitherm WiFi Black Thermostat is a thermostat with a touch screen and WiFi control technology. It is used to control the temperature in the “electric warm floor” systems.

from 3927 ₴

Thermostat Profitherm WiFi (White)


Thermostat Profitherm WiFi (white)

Profitherm WiFi Thermostat is a modern electronic thermostat with a large LCD screen with convenient touch buttons and Wi-Fi control technology. It is used to control the temperature in electric floor heating systems, and is also suitable for under floor heating systems.

from 3927 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm K-1


ProfiTherm K-1 controller

ProfiTherm K-1 is a temperature controller for anti-icing systems, snow melting systems, pipe and tank heating systems, underfloor heating systems, etc. The controller can be used in two modes. The first one is turning the heating on in a set temperature range suitable for anti-icing systems. The second one is maintaining a specific set temperature suitable for other heating systems.

from 5250 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm K-2


ProfiTherm K-2 controller

ProfiTherm K-2 is a temperature and moisture controller in snow melting systems and anti-icing systems. It is used to control snow and ice melting systems at small facilities.

from 12540 ₴

Thermostat ProfiTherm K-3


ProfiTherm K-3 controller

ProfiTherm K-3 is a temperature and moisture controller in snow melting systems and anti-icing systems.

from 17850 ₴

ProfiTherm D-1 External Air Temperature Sensor


ProfiTherm D-1 sensor

ProfiTherm D-1 Air Temperature Sensor is designed for use in snow melting systems and anti-icing systems; temperature recording.

from 1950 ₴

ProfiTherm D-2 Temperature Sensor for Pipelines and Containers


ProfiTherm D-2 sensor

ProfiTherm D-2 is a universal temperature sensor for snow melting systems and anti-icing systems (with a 3m-long cable). This sensor registers temperature.

from 1950 ₴

ProfiTherm D-3 Water Drain Temperature Sensor


ProfiTherm D-3 sensor

ProfiTherm D-3 – moisture sensor for gutters (anti-icing system), with heating and a 10m-long cable. This sensor registers the presence of moisture.

from 17850 ₴

ProfiTherm D-4 Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor


ProfiTherm D-4 sensor

ProfiTherm D-4 – soil temperature and moisture sensor (snow melting system), with heating and 10m-long cable. This sensor registers the temperature and presence of moisture.

from 20850 ₴

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