Profitherm MIRROR Mirror Heating Set

Profitherm MIRROR Mirror Heating Set is designed to heat the mirror surface resulting in the removal of moisture from its surface in bathrooms and other areas with high temperature and humidity.

Profitherm MIRROR heating film consists of carbon elements and conductive copper tapes protected by a polyester film using hot lamination method.

When electric current passes through carbon tapes, the latter begin to emit infrared waves, which actually heat the surrounding objects. With direct contact of the object with the heating film, the heat will be transferred due to heat emission as well.

Heating film can be connected to the lighting system of the room where the mirror is installed, or you can control the heating of the mirror using a thermostat (not included in this set).

Price: 465.00 UAH


Heating film dimensions, LxW 50х50 cm
Rated capacity 55 W
Rated supply voltage 220V
Heating elements resistance 856 Ohm
Heating surface area 0.25 m2

Scope of supply

Scope of supply
Profitherm MIRROR film (50х50 mm) 0.25 m2
Contact clips 2 pcs.
Bitumen insulation VM 36 cm
Polyethylene foam thermal insulation 4mm 0.25 m2
3M double sided tape, 6mm x 2m 1 roll
Flat installation wire ShVVP 2х1 5 m
Reinforced self-adhesive tape 50mm*10m 1 roll

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