Profitherm Zoo 23-240 Animal Heating Set

Profitherm Zoo 23-240 Animal Heating Set is designed for floor heating in open-air cages, booths for animals, or other premises where animals are kept.

The heating section consists of a twin-core heating cable with copper shielding braid and PVC sheath, a three-core power cable (“cold end”), connecting and terminal sleeves.

Heating section should be connected to power mains with a protective cutout device with a setting of at least 30 mA.

Heating section is protected from overheating by a portable thermal relay located in terminal sleeve.

Price: 1515.00 грн.


Profitherm Zoo 23-240 specifications
Specific power of heating section 240 W 240 W
Length of heating section 10.3 m
Rated capacity 240 W
Rated supply voltage 220V
Resistance, at 20°C 206.6 Ohm
Presence of heating section thermal protection yes
Minimum bending radius of heating cable 35 mm
Heating surface area (spacing 10cm) 1 m2

Scope of supply

Scope of supply
Heating section 1 pcs.
Mounting tape 5 m
Installation Manual for Profitherm Zoo heating set 1 pcs.

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