Profitherm Slims (Korea)

Profitherm Slims™ is a unique heating system that can be used to create an underfloor heating system under floating coatings: laminate flooring, parquet, linoleum, fitted carpet, etc. It can be used as an additional (comfort) or primary (single) heating.

A thermostat is required for control.

Profitherm Slims™ heating film consists of carbon elements, silver contacts and conductive strips of tinned copper coated with a protective polyester film.


Power (at 230V) 220 W/m²
Strip width 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0 m
Maximum strip length during installation 9 m
Power supply 220-240V
Heating elements cut line spacing 25 cm
Heating elements carbon paste, silver
Conductive strips tinned copper
Installation method without screed

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