ProfiTherm D-2 Sensor

ProfiTherm D-2 is a universal temperature sensor for snow melting systems and anti-icing systems (with a 3m-long cable). This sensor registers temperature.

It is used in heating systems, where it is necessary to control the surface temperature (pipes, tanks, plates, etc.), air temperature subject to appropriate sensor placement, as well as, together with ProfiTherm D-3 gutter moisture sensor. It can also be used separately, for temperature measurement only. Universal temperature sensor can also be used together with ProfiTherm D-4 soil temperature and moisture sensor for open areas. Universal temperature sensor registers any temperature changes.

The sensor is mounted directly on the heating surface using adhesive tapes with high thermal conductivity. In the case of using a universal temperature sensor to register air temperature, it is recommended that the sensor be mounted in a protected housing (box) in order to prevent damage to it. Compatible with ProfiTherm K-1, ProfiTherm K-2, ProfiTherm K-3 controllers. Permissible distance from the sensor to the controller – up to 50 m.

Price: 1 086.00 UAH


  • Sensing element: NTC12k
  • Operating temperature range: Т = (- 40..85)˚С
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Material of sensing element’s protective covering: steel AISI 304
  • Type of cable extending the sensing element: Olflex Smart 2х0.5
  • Connecting cable diameter: ø 4.8mm
  • Length of cable extending the sensing element L = 3m
  • Warranty: 2 years

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