ProfiTherm К-2 Controller

ProfiTherm K-2 is a temperature and moisture controller in snow melting systems and anti-icing systems.

It is used to control snow and ice melting systems at small facilities. The unit switches the heating system on and off using signals received from temperature and moisture sensors (not included in the controller set). The unit’s functionality is adapted to our, Ukrainian, climatic conditions. It allows you to control the heating on-delay during periods of large temperature fluctuations. It also allows you to adjust the power level of moisture sensors to get the maximum effect from the use of a snow melting system or an anti-icing system.

Price: 7 347.00 UAH


  • Installation type: DIN rail
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 90х65х70, mm
  • Load: up to 8A
  • Voltage: 110..220VAC
  • Number of control zones: 1 zone (temperature + moisture)
  • Operating temperature range: Т = (- 5..50)˚С
  • Controlled temperature range: Т = (- 40..85)˚С
  • Warranty: 2 years

Combinations of sensors with which the controller can operate:

  • one temperature sensor ProfiTherm D-1 or ProfiTherm D-2;
  • one temperature sensor ProfiTherm D-1 or ProfiTherm D-2 + one moisture sensor for drainage system ProfiTherm D-3;
  • one temperature and moisture sensor for the soil ProfiTherm D-4.

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